Kies twee termen uit Raymond William's Keywords A vocabulary of culture and society. Plaats die op een wand.

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Keywords. A vocabulary of Culture and Society (1975) door Raymond Williams is een collectie van ongeveer 250 begrippen die gebruikt worden in relatie tot onze cultuur en maatschappij.

In relatief korte essays onderzoekt de schrijver de betekenis van deze woorden en hoe die betekenis ontstaan is en (al dan niet) veranderde doorheen de tijd.

Williams’s essential point about the social and political stakes in simple words and phrases is as true today as it was in the 1970s: think of the many battles that have erupted around terms like “liberal,” “torture,” “pro-life” or “intelligent design” (New York Times)

Please don’t overthink it, or add too much into the process. The question was simple and direct, your answer should be too. Keep in mind that it’s also (and importantly) a question of typography and layout, with minimal means. Think of it as something in between language and a wall drawing. The words have a meaning, together a (different?) meaning, the placement / impact in the space does so too, colour, font, tool/way to create letters, do too.


  • Meaning of words
  • Visual appearance of words
  • Means/tools/material to reproduce this visual appearance
  • The tension between these elements


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